Enhancing authentic relationships: video interviews with our team, on LinkedIn

We at LAV.EL. GOMMA believe that face-to-face interactions, spontaneous conversations, and networking are key elements to staying relevant and committed in the industry. This belief led us to find a new way to achieve that.

While online calls and meetings remain important working tools, there is no substitute for the tangible value of in-person meetings. Meeting in person enables the establishment of a level of connection and understanding that cannot be achieved through a screen. This prompted us to explore new ways to maintain and, in some cases, even enhance our professional relationships despite the challenges posed by physical distance.

This is where the idea of video interviews published on LAVEL GOMMA’s LinkedIn page came from. Our interviews were recorded during the latest MCE fair in Milan, in March.

Our video interviews are intended to provide the audience with a more personalized experience, akin to that of a face-to-face meeting. We wanted to share our story in a different working context, where we can demonstrate the value of our company to suppliers, leads, customers, and, of course, competitors.

Video interviews offer a valuable opportunity to share knowledge and experiences in a more authentic way, while also strengthening ties within our corporate team. It is all too easy during periods of high workload to neglect business relationships. By sharing these short stories, we want to restate the relevance of such relationships and reinforce our commitment to creating an authentic and relevant network.

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