New Solutions & Updates | january 2017

Is better to work in health and safety!
“… we started a new project for the realisation of a system for health and safety management conform to the norm BS OHSAS 18001:2007 (the acronym OHSAS means Occupational Health and Safety Assessment series and identifies an international standard for a management system of workers’ safety and health). This new solution will be integrated with the already existing environmental system. The goal is to reach this new certification.”

Cinzia Baglioni | Purchasing Manager

Health and safety in the workplace are always our priorities.

A new arrival in our House… the washing machine!
In truth, this new washing machine is not a simple one, but it can do an important technical washing , “technical cleanliness” , that uses immersion, counter-rotating spray, ultrasound and drying through pulsing compressed air. The necessity of this kind of cleanliness regards all that fields of application, where the absence of particulate contamination is fundamental for the functioning of the product. Born in the automotive field (injection system, valves, transmissions, brake systems, tanks, pipes ecc.) this technology wide spreads also in the field of technical gaskets and we couldn’t miss it.

In January, you know, everything starts again. In our finishing department is arrived a new machinery, with which we started the development of new, not traditional surface treatments, with the goal to obtain long time anti sticking covering treatments, with the maximum adhesion. These treatments are perfect for O-Rings and gaskets, to improve the sliding effect and have the highest efficiency in the automatic assemblies.
Stay tuned, in order to discover more details about this.