We Have Got This

LAV.EL. Gomma is more and more social. Little but concrete steps: landing on the major social platforms, the project of the newsletter, the study of a new website.
With the beginning of 2017 we also decided to do little graphic changes at our logo, that’s now has been enriched with a slogan-payoff: All you need is LAV.EL. we know that it reminds of the famous song of the Liverpool quartet, but for us it’s just the symbol of something very simple and efficient. We want to communicate to our customers, that Lavelgomma’s team is always present, we’re trusted experts, that for years have been able to find all the necessary solutions to satisfy each request; you won’t need anybody alse in this field of rubber elastomers. We don’t want to look insolent, but we’re aware of our capacity to satisfy you, then… what can we say more? All you need is LAV.EL.