The Innodriver project was launched more than   one year ago  . It was an important undertaking for LAV.EL. Gomma as it enabled it to consolidate and expand its internal know-how in the plasma processing of elastomeric components, 

setting univocal parameters for the control of the surface treatment processes.  

By consolidating our expertise, we were able to strategically leverage the plasma treatment technology and offer it to an increasing number of customers. This strategy comes with various advantages in terms of quality of the finished product, safety and cleanliness of the surface treatment process, and environmental impact. 

The ever-increasing demand for plasma treated items by an ever-increasing number of customers has also led LAV.EL. Gomma to buy a new larger plasma machine, thus increasing its internal productivity which has been expanded from 1 to 3 daily shifts.



Project title: Innovation of the plasma surface treatment process of technical rubber components for the reduction of the friction coefficient for the water distribution industry through new experimental approaches.

An initiative carried out under Axis I: reinforcing research, development and innovation.

Goal: Investment for growth and jobs

Action: l. 1.b 1. 1 Supporting the purchase of services for the technological, strategic, organizational and commercial innovation of companies.

Beneficiary: LAV.EL. Gomma srl

Project budget: € 73,800,000

Amount received: € 25,000

Project description: the research project is aimed at studying plasma surface treatment on elastomeric technical components, thanks to the collaboration between LAV.EL. Gomma and the University of Brescia with a strong impact in terms of environmental sustainability.