Politik zu Ethik und Sozialer Verantwortung

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Politik zu Ethik und Sozialer Verantwortung

The core value of Lav.el gomma Srl’s corporate strategy is respect for human rights.

The ethics policy provides the basis for Lav.el gomma Srl’s operational and management strategies.

Lav.el gomma Srl commits to undertaking activities supporting both internal and external stakeholders, in full compliance with the provisions of the law and codes and regulations on Safety and Workers’ rights, to ensure the Sustainability and Compatibility of its activities and the protection and safety of workers, by also making sure that continuous improvement is pursued.

The company’s corporate social responsibility policy abides by the requirements of regulation SA 8000: 2014 and the company specifically declares that:

  • Responsibility for the Social Responsibility policy falls directly, continuously and permanently on the company’s Management who shall allocate adequate resources to meet planned objectives;
  • Within its Corporate Social Responsibility framework, the company complies with current legislation in accordance with Labour Law rules, which are constantly updated and comply with regulation SA8000;
  • For the purposes of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy, the company staff, at all levels, is fully and consciously involved and updated, through the implementation of awareness plans drafted directly by the Management of Lav.el gomma Srl.
  • Regarding the relationship with suppliers, maximum collaboration is guaranteed to assess the degree of employee satisfaction via appropriate surveys in compliance with the protection of workers rules;
  • Concerning compliance with mandatory regulations in the field of workers safety and rights, the company ensures constant and continuous compliance and updating of such requirements, and compliance with certification ISO14001 on environmental management and regulation ISO 18001 on safety.


Lav.el gomma Srl makes this Policy available to any stakeholder by posting it at the company’s premises and ensuring that it will remain implemented and effective through an annual review on the occasion of the Management Review,

In particular, with reference to the above stated, the company commits to:

  • Not using nor encouraging child labour
  • Not employing forced or compulsory labour of any kind
  • Respecting the rules and laws regarding the safety of workers
  • Respecting workers’ rights to join trade union organizations and trade associations
  • Not discriminating according to: social class, race, national origin, religion, birth, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family responsibilities, trade union membership, political opinions, age or any other condition that could lead to discrimination.
  • Not adopting disciplinary punishments, except those allowed by the sector’s collective labour agreement.
  • Complying with the working hours established by the National Collective Labour Agreement and any trade union agreements.
  • Respecting and encouraging the minimum wage defined by collective bargaining agreements.
  • Providing an anonymous way of communicating with workers.

All Lav.el gomma Srl staff are required to make the utmost commitment to implementing and complying with the above.

The company management is committed to the dissemination and knowledge of the Ethics Policy at all staff levels

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