Our presence at this year’s MCE Exhibition in Milan generated an unprecedented level of excitement among the attendees. The focal point of our stand was the captivating theme “Welcome to LAVEL Gomma,” which was brought to life by a massive LED wall situated at the centre of the display. Oue installation guided our visitors on virtual tours, offering them a glimpse into the different areas of our company and witness our expertise firsthand.

This event served also as an opportunity to officially mark the birth of LAVEL GROUP. This new corporate entity has empowered us to expand our already extensive production and commercial network, enabling us to meet the diverse needs of the industry.

The track record of Lavel Gomma is adorned with countless achievements, successful endeavours, and triumphant moments of overcoming challenges. This recent enhancement serves as another opportunity for us to celebrate this new chapter in our journey.

This is only the beginning.

Lavel in figures:


  • 51 years of experience
  • 4 locations
  • Almost 200 employees
  • 60 certified water and gas compounds
  • More than 10 million pieces per day

We are proud of our projects, each born out of love and unwavering dedication.

From a production standpoint, the creation of LAVEL GROUP has revolutionized our ability to plan new projects and enhance existing ones in a more efficient and organized manner. 

By differentiating the items produced based on specific compounds or customer sectors, including the utilization of SGM’s plants, we have achieved remarkable results. Notably, we are thrilled to introduce the moulding of FFKM compounds under our LAVELAST® brand, for the gas, oil, semiconductor, and heating industries. Additionally, our silicone products have experienced significant growth.

Through the synergy among our group entities, we have successfully unified our organization, quality system, and management platform, further amplifying our capabilities.

Turning our attention to Lavel Gomma, we have made substantial efforts to attract new customers in the automotive and household appliance sectors. This endeavour has been supported by substantial investments in specialized resources to ensure the success of various projects.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who visited us and contributed to making this exhibition an unforgettable experience. Your questions, comments, and unwavering enthusiasm serve as the driving force behind our continuous growth and improvement.