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LAV.EL. Gomma S.r.l. has made premium industrial rubber gaskets for water, gas and air applications since 1973.
Today, its hallmarks are extensive industry experience and modern production facilities. LAV.EL. Gomma conducts, manages and oversees every single stage of its production process on-site, from raw materials to finished products, in a bid to ensure that its industrial gaskets are produced to the highest standards.

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Perfection and Safety

As LAV.EL. Gomma gaskets are destined for a vast assortment of uses, including household appliances and in the hydraulics, chemical, automobile, aerospace and tapware industries, perfection and safety are their trademark features.


Excellent Results

To achieve top results, the company’s entire production process is subjected to the closest scrutiny. This policy has seen it awarded a wide range of certificates, including ISO 9001:2000 in 1998.


Quality Department

The LAV.EL. Gomma quality department is always on-hand to answer any technical or quality questions its clients may have. Furthermore, its production process is monitored constantly to ensure maintenance of peak quality performance and ideal manufacturing conditions.


24-Hour Production

Meticulous checks on each production stage are indispensable for running a hitch-free cycle 24-hours a day, 5 days a week, for a total of 5,500 production hours a year.


Quality Certificates

Contact the LAV.EL. Gomma quality department for conformity certificates and the results of the latest quality-control tests conducted by experts on all specifications.



LAV.EL. Gomma has vast industry experience, which enables it to provide an extensive array of services. It also offers its expertise for initial consultation and all manner of troubleshooting.

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