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Like choosing the right ingredients for a chef

One of LAV.EL. Gomma’s trademark strengths is its use of superior quality materials. This policy ensures that its products meet the requirements of any application (e.g. tapware, household appliances, hydraulic and oil-hydraulic plants, and chemical, automobile and aerospace systems) whether they are used as static and dynamic seals, shock-absorbers or spacers. Its product quality is recognised by a host of certification bodies in Europe, Canada and the US, and is the key to being a competitive force on the international market. As gaskets come into contact with a host of temperatures and atmospheric agents (e.g. mineral oils, hydrocarbons, saline solutions, acids, solvents, gases and radiation), selecting the polymers is an extremely delicate operation. Consequently, LAV.EL. Gomma does more than carefully select the ‘ingredients’ for its gaskets, as it also conducts comprehensive checks on each batch of rubber blend to ensure compliance with the parameters agreed with the supplier, e.g. specific weight, rheometric curves, plus ageing in oils and other fluids.

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