Surface Treatments

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Finishes that make the difference

The LAV.EL. Gomma finishing department employs both traditional surface treatments (silicone-, graphite- and talcum-coating, plus Molykote lubricants) and the latest methods (Lavel Plasma System, Lavel TF01 and Lavel Wash+) to ensure smooth, efficient automated assembly.

Depending on the type of application required or simply in order to further facilitate assembly, the following treatments can be carried out at the finishing stage:

  • silicone finish
  • plasma finish
  • grinding
  • graphite finish
  • talcum finish
  • teflon finish

It is also possible to supply ‘silicone free’ products, i.e. free of all traces of silicone.

Seeking the ideal partner for O-rings and gaskets?

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