LAV.EL. Gomma

LAV.EL. Gomma S.r.l. has made premium industrial gaskets since 1973 and was founded by brothers Rolando and Roberto Lavelli. Its hallmarks are its extremely high standards and modern production facilities.

The company specialises in producing all types of industrial rubber gaskets and enjoys constant growth. It is also planning for the future, as it conducts on-going research into new technology, uses raw materials of the finest quality, and fulfils its environmental responsibilities. It uses cutting-edge systems, including horizontal injection presses, vertical compression presses, finishing equipment and quality-control instrumentation, all of which enable it to manufacture certified products. LAV.EL. Gomma conducts, manages and oversees every single stage of its production process on-site.

From the arrival of raw materials to the shipping of end-products, each stage in the production of its rubber gaskets is carried out on-site in order to ensure superior quality and the use of state-of-the-art technology in what is a highly specialised industry.

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LAV.EL. Gomma has a wealth of industry experience that it uses to provide customers with a vast range of services. Its experts are always on hand to provide an initial consultation or to troubleshoot all manner of problems. Furthermore, it manufactures both standard and custom O-rings, as well as a range of personalised items designed alongside the client.

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