During Italy’s economic boom in the mid 1960s, 18-year-old Rolando Lavelli was working in a rubber-processing company between the towns of Brescia and Bergamo, north Italy. Like many contemporary industries, rubber was going from strength to strength and it was this development, along with his intention to become professionally independent, that inspired Rolando to open a small rubber-gasket production business with his brother Roberto and their parents.

Over the years, LAV.EL. Gomma has moved premises a number of times. Its Paratico site opened for business in 1973, after which the company moved to nearby Viadanica in 1974. It moved to Credaro in 1980 and then to its current site in Cologne in 2003. Although its roots have remained in north Italy, it has always had its eyes set firmly on Europe. The turning-point for LAV.EL. Gomma came in 1980 with a change in policy, which saw it turn from a third-party manufacturer into a direct supplier of Europe’s major distributors and triple its number of employees.

When Roberto died unexpectedly in 2001, his son Cristian was appointed vice-president and Rolando’s son Gabriele joined the board of directors, moves that ensured the business would remain in the hands of the Lavelli family. The same year saw the completion of another decisive step. After LAV.EL. Gomma had been awarded quality certificates for an increasing range of materials and products, the company began to produce for end-users. From then on, businesses across the world were able to order LAV.EL. Gomma gaskets directly from the company.
Thanks to this change in policy, turnover has increased by an average of 15% each year since 2001. The family had always planned to expand the business and they did so by investing in two key resources in any hi-tech production industry: expert personnel, and research and development.



Opening for business

LAV.EL. Gomma was founded by Rolando and Roberto Lavelli in Paratico, north Italy.




The company manufactured rubber gaskets and O-rings, mainly for international distributors.



ISO 9001

LAV.EL. Gomma was awarded the ISO 9001 quality certification.




It invested in certifications for drinking-water and gas applications. A new sales policy was introduced whereby the company focused on selling to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Roberto’s son Cristian Lavelli joined the board of directors.



New facilities

Brand new facilities covering 3,000 square metres were opened in Cologne, Italy.



New logo



ISO 14001

LAV.EL. Gomma’s environmental management system was awarded ISO 14001. Rolando’s son Gabriele Lavelli was appointed vice-president and Cristian Lavelli president.



40th Anniversary

New offices were built to celebrate 40 years in business, expanding its premises to 7,500 square metres.



New Building

Fresh investments were made to add a new building covering 1,000 square metres.



New Site and Restyled Logo



45th Anniversary

Celebrate 45 years in business, in continuous expansion



New Laboratory + New Department

Inauguration of the new R&D laboratory.
 Inauguration of new automatic inspection department (24)



Purchase property + Purchase square

July - Purchase of property in Via Lama (logistics hub) and property in Via Pastore
September - Purchase of 2,500 square metres of land adjacent to the via Lama property



Logistics hub activated

January - Logistics hub activated



50th Anniversary

We celebrate 50 years of activity, always looking to the future



Treatment division moved

January - Selection and furnace divisions moved to the new plant in via Pastore
March - Treatment division moved to the new plant in Via Pastore