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LAV.EL. Gomma has a wealth of industry experience that it uses to provide customers with a vast range of services. Its experts are always on hand to provide an initial consultation or to troubleshoot all manner of problems. Furthermore, it manufactures both standard and custom O-rings, as well as a range of personalised items designed alongside the client. For any custom items, sizes or blends, LAV.EL. Gomma provides a comprehensive consultation and design service that can deal with even the most exacting requirements.
Its expert team provides detailed information, estimates and answers so that you have the best offer as quickly as possible.
Quality and precision are at the heart of its customer relations, from the initial consultation and production right through to shipment and after-sales service.
Below is a comprehensive list of its services:

  • Initial consultation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Consultation and design for custom O-rings and gaskets, sizes and blends
  • Bespoke estimates
  • Manufacture of custom moulds for any type of gasket
  • Personalised colour, finish and treatment of its O-rings and gaskets
  • Customised packaging
  • Stock warehouse for clients who place scheduled orders
  • Bespoke delivery
  • After-sales assistance

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