Production Cycle

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Material selection

One of LAV.EL. Gomma’s trademark strengths is its use of superior quality materials. This policy ensures that its products meet the requirements of any application.

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Production planning

In recent years, the company has invested in an integrated ERP system capable of interacting with all company functions, also interfacing machinery and optical control devices

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As such high demands are made of rubber gaskets in terms of sealing and resistance, a production cycle must always work to peak potential.

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Deflashing and grinding

La sbavatura e la rettifica sono trattamenti superficiali mirati all’asportazione di bave residue dai componenti stampati

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Post Vulcanisation

Post-vulcanisation, which is also known as “post-curing”, is a heat process that is used to treat the O-rings after moulding in order to reach the required standards.

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Selection and Testing

Optical sorting is a major part of the LAV.EL. Gomma production cycle, with sorters inspecting vast batches of O-rings and technical items extremely rapidly.

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Surface Treatments

The LAV.EL. Gomma finishing department employs both traditional surface treatments and the latest methods

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Packaging and Shipping

Our shipping office is responsible for checking the progress of existing orders on a daily basis to always ensure timely delivery based on the customer’s request.

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