Always, by your side.

To tackle the COVID-19 emergency we have stepped up our efforts to ensure the continuity of our business. We have been required to adopt changes swiftly, in our internal procedures, production processes and relationships with our customers.

Safeguarding workers and employees has been our priority. During the peak of the epidemic we introduced smart working solutions in all departments except production. We equipped our staff with individual protection devices and regularly sanitized all spaces. In addition, staff received specific training on correct hygienic practices and prevention measures to fight coronavirus in our company.

Among the actions taken to increase security, we improved our best practices to be the first in class even when working remotely (meetings, learning, tutorials …). We deployed all tools necessary to enable our salespeople to stay close to our customers – virtually. We have always been there for our customers, in a virtual form (ordinary emails, phone and platforms such us Microsoft Teams or Skype). Contact your reference person in the company  to choose the means of contact that suits you best.

We have continued to work tirelessly in all areas, for example we renewed our website and improved its mobile navigability.

We always keep the sizes on our website up-to-date so that in any moment you can download the full and updated O-Rings , certifications, and certified blends.

Furthermore, we have renewed the access method and the space of the customised Reserved Area.

Creating your Reserved Area is very simple! And you can customise it to your liking. You can access it from any device and it is always open!

In your Reserved Area you can find your documents, certificates, purchasing contracts, the quality contract, technical sheets, prices and offers… and any other file or information you may deem useful to work with LAV.EL. Gomma.

To create your Reserved Area just contact your Sales Representative and together you’ll build your space around your needs.

Always by your side in the past, present and future: COVID-19, together we win.