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    And now we have CSM Elastomers, too!

    Let’s have a closer look at this particular elastomer: CSM, also known as Hypalon by DuPont, is a product of chlorosulphonated polyethylene. The chlorine content in the polymer, varying from between 25% to 45%, determines physical-mechanical characteristics, as well as the chemical and thermic resistance of this material. CSM...

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    Three more

    Our fleet of machinery has grown: · ENGEL FLEXSEALS 1060/300T HORIZONTAL MOULDING INJECTOR; · ENGEL ELAST 1500/400TB HORIZONTAL MOULDING INJECTOR. These are our two compact ENGEL injection moulding machines, for o-rings and flat seals. With this new machinery installed in the production department, we can guarantee a higher moulding capacity, while...

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    The CERTIFICATION IATF 16949:2016 has arrived in LAV.EL. Gomma. Automotive products require attentive management, and for us, quality is the main objective. We have always been committed to meeting the most rigorous standards of the sector, and we are proud to announce that we have received IATF 16949 Certification. Discover more about our Certification...

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    LAV.EL. Gomma gets an upgrade! A new feature is ready to get your documents easier to access through our website. In order to continue to improve the relationship with our customers, we invite you to use the RESERVED AREA  you can find in the footer of our site, on each page (bottom...

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    About PL01

    PL01 is a surface treatment, permanent, colourless and odourless, that can be applied to any type of rubber gasket. The treatment has a non-sticking effect on every part of the rubber, which reduces surface adhesion and ensures a greater efficiency of automatic assembly lines. Unlike common lubricant treatments, PL01...

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    More Numbers

    Officially communicating the end of restructuring is now only a case of formalities. After a year-and-a-half of work, only a few minor details are holding us back from shouting out to all corners that our premises extension is complete!  Production has not ceased during the restructuring process, and now...

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    For years we have supported the activities of the Fabrizio Pedrocchi Ski Club in Sarnico, an alternative way of enjoying skiing and the mountains, and a way of spending time together without limits. The Sarnico C.S.I. Ski 2001 Group started in Sarnico as a result of the initiative of...

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    In 2018 we have further increased our turnover and we certainly do not want to stop here. The important works of expansion of the company spaces are coming to an end. In 2018 we also celebrated 45 years of activity and this goal, besides making us proud, gives us...

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    In order to avoid the premature degradation and failure of standard EPDM compounds when exposed to chloramine treated water, LAV.EL. Gomma developed a new material with a special chemical resistance. The new 01/W70EP is already NSF 61 and ASNZS 4020 certified for potable water applications and complies with all drinking...

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    45th Lavel Gomma Dinner

    On September 8th, at the restaurant L’Albereta Relais & Châteaux, was held the 45th Lavel Gomma Dinner with all the employees. Thanks to the collaboration with Event Manager Paolo Bresciani we did not have the usual dinner! During the evening Stefano Bonardi Photography has documented with his shots the evening...

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