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    More news from the LAV.EL. Gomma team as we welcome our new Sales Director: Giacomo Cattaneo.  Giacomo holds an important and strategic position in terms of external communication, 25 years of experience in the sector and an excellent perception of market needs; he has a good knowledge of the product, financial and management...

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    We are proud to announce that LAV.EL. Gomma has been awarded the regional call for tender INNODRIVER 2020.  Starting from November our PlasmaLab will start working with the Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of the University of Brescia on a project called: “Innovation of the process for the surface plasma treatment of technical rubber elements...

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    Welcome to our team

    Welcome to our team Our team has got bigger! Two new engineers have joined the LAV.EL. Gomma family: Matteo and Alessandro. So, let’s hear from them directly: “I’m Matteo Guindani, Msc and PhD in Mechanical Engineering, with a focus on elastomeric materials. In LAV.EL. Gomma, I’m responsible for managing...

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    Training is a must for us

    This year we have started a training course at the Roberto Re Leadership School. The course is a full training in ‘Emotional Fitness’, based on a series of meetings that cover different subjects, with customised coaching sessions (including one-to-one sessions), and the double aim to: · Constantly continue self-improvement, in...

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    We, as a company, have been always focused on our employees’ welfare. A few months ago we activated our Company Welfare Plan in cooperation with Intesa San Paolo Bank. As with any company process, our welfare plan has been developed over three main stages: Project, Application and Assessment. We...

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    The Sales Team travels around the world

    Over the past few months and until December, our sales team has been and will be travelling around the world, meeting new customers and doing research and product development. Cristian, Alessandra e Giacomo are going to see people, colours, cities in Europe and around the world too! They will...

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    Ideas are priceless!

    We at LAV.EL Gomma S.R.L. are aware of the fundamental importance of human resources for the success of our Company. That is why a month ago we decided to increase our employees’ satisfaction by providing a communication channel where each employee has the opportunity to freely express their own...

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    Dress code

    At LAV.EL GOMMA we aim at working together as a team; and as with every team worthy of its name, we have our own distinctive dress code, which extends into the production area.  Besides having had for a number of years specific work wear and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)...

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    Other the Rubber… I July 2017

    IT’S TIME TO SCORE !!! …LAV.EL. makes you score at the Rubber Golf Cup 2017. The Rubber Golf Cup returns on July 15th, with LAV.EL. as one of the main sponsors.  In the prestigious location of the Franciacorta Golf Club everything is ready to accommodate the many players and...

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    Human Resources / Giacomo Petrò I July 2017

    The Sales Network is surely the “heart and soul” of LAV. EL. Rubber. In this newsletter we have the pleasure to introduce one of our Key Accounts. “My commitment on the commercial front, since working for work LAV.EL., has been to focus on the objective of extending the foreign...

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