We are proud to announce that LAV.EL. Gomma has been awarded the regional call for tender INNODRIVER 2020. 

Starting from November our PlasmaLab will start working with the Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of the University of Brescia on a project called: “Innovation of the process for the surface plasma treatment of technical rubber elements for reducing the co-efficient of friction/for the water supply industry, new experimental approaches”. 

Within this project, that from now on we will call INNOPLASMAGOMMA, Lavelgomma will work with a dedicated researcher. They will dedicate a whole year to researching plasma together with Professors and researchers from two different departments, namely Science and Technology of Materials and Chemistry for Technologies. 

The research has the objective of developing new knowhow on plasma coating technology for elastomeric elements and investigating the use of plasma treatments in different product categories, and in different market segments. 

We set ourselves the task of dealing with friction during the use and assembly of gaskets (automatic assembly) and environment, with a special focus on the latter. 

Plasma treatment is eco-friendly. It is well tolerated both by the environment and specialised technical staff. This is possible thanks to the use of harmless gases such as Argon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, and the process happens under vacuum conditions. In addition, by using this technology substances such as silicone oils, talc, graphite, grease – all lubricants used during the assembly-exercise phase that currently require specific disposal and may end up being dispersed in the environment – are gradually being eliminated. 

Thanks to research we continue to grow and improve.