Training is a must for us

This year we have started a training course at the Roberto Re Leadership School. The course is a full training in ‘Emotional Fitness’, based on a series of meetings that cover different subjects, with customised coaching sessions (including one-to-one sessions), and the double aim to:

· Constantly continue self-improvement, in order to provide the best support available to our clients;

· Cultivate within our company a concrete and measurable way of developing behaviour, belief and skills that can positively influence performance, in order to obtain the results expected of us, always.

The final objective of this training is the development of a working mentality projected towards results, therefore more focussed on objectives, more aware of the team’s strengths, and able to identify better with the company’s vision and mission.Sessions will cover subjects such as effective and persuasive communication, time management, team to results, positive mental attitude, personal leadership, transactional analysis, and more.