We, as a company, have been always focused on our employees’ welfare. A few months ago we activated our Company Welfare Plan in cooperation with Intesa San Paolo Bank. As with any company process, our welfare plan has been developed over three main stages: Project, Application and Assessment.

We would like to present and promote the company’s good practice through our Welfare Plan because we believe in welfare as a lever for growth in company performance by meriting the value of our human resources.

“We are proud of this project, which confirms our daily commitment to creating a stimulating working environment, where the professional aspects and the personal needs of our employees and freelancers meet” said Gabriele Lavelli, Vice-President of LAV.EL Gomma. “Because LAV.EL Gomma stands out for being not only a role model for innovation but also as a role model for looking after our employees, two values at the base of every one of our projects.”


Our company’s welfare is a set of activities, projects, and participation we have decided to apply in order to meet the personal needs of our employees and their families, as well as to respond to their social needs outside work. 

We have set up a scheme of welfare credit for our employees who can use this credit in exchange for goods and services (as provided for by fiscal regulations) in the area of their choice. The main areas comprise:



-Public transport passes and school busses

-Children’s education (fees, textbooks, meals, nursery, etc.)

-Complementary welfare

-Services for disabled/elderly family members

-Travel, magazine subscription, funpark and cinema entrance vouchers

Our services are available on our website, where employees can register by creating their own account. Once the account is created, the employee can access it to see the amount of their premium and choose how to use it.