Today is a special day. All of us in the company gathered to bid farewell to Romualdo Bellini, who has been head of the Grinding department for 43 years.

He has been so close to the company that he basically became one of the family. He saw the birth and growth of LAV.EL. Gomma, from its foundations in the village of Viadanica along our entire development path; he has embraced the generational change with intelligence and humility, always interacting in a fair and disciplined way, always by our side.

Forty-three years of sacrifice, commitment, dedication, and a great desire to learn, to put himself on the line, with a single objective: doing his best for the company.  He has taught us a lot, he has shown us what the word work means, he has always be able to give his colleagues a word of comfort in difficult times.

Our journey will not end here, because we still need him! We are convinced that he still has lessons to offer in the workplace and valuable advice to pass on to continue to grow his “second family”.

It is our great pleasure to thank him publicly for all that he has done for us, with great esteem and immense affection.

Thanks Romy, take care!