For years we have supported the activities of the Fabrizio Pedrocchi Ski Club in Sarnico, an alternative way of enjoying skiing and the mountains, and a way of spending time together without limits.

The Sarnico C.S.I. Ski 2001 Group started in Sarnico as a result of the initiative of Fabrizio Pedrocchi, who wanted it to become a point of recreational reference for all those who love this sport, as well as for those who believe in sport in general, for personal growth, socialising, and friendship. Thus, slowly slowly he created a small group without the intention of competing, moved wholly by ideals of friendship. Over time, the idea matured to dedicate particular attention to incorporating children with disabilities to make them feel an integral part of a group and part of a safe environment. After the loss of the founder in December 2007, the members decided to dedicate the ski club to his name, and it became “Sci club Sarnico 2001- Fabrizion Perocchi”, which continues his philosophy, and allows the group to grow from strength to strength. Every year we make considerable efforts to demonstrate to the public our group’s commitment to our belief in continually improving along with our capacity to enthusiastically put forward new ideas and to spend time together, offering everyone the chance to ski. For LAV.EL. Gomma it is an honour to be able to sponsor initiatives such as this.

Happy skiing!