Human Resources I April 2017

16We met Chiara Cattaneo, our new R&D department… “ I’m quite excited, this is my first interview here in lav.,el. I’ll try to be concrete and descriptive. My role is to be responsible of the development of new raw materials and the management of new certifications, renewals and laboratory tests. I have direct contact with our material suppliers, I handle the institutes activities and outer laboratories; I make laboratory tests on new products or on already existing ones, based on our customers’ requests. I’m available for sales department and special customers’ requests and for the technical department in estimating costs and I verify the conformity to customers norms or specifications. Among my duties there’s the one to check compatibility and materials’ resistance, supporting the production in order to improve processes. Furthermore I ask for suppliers’ quotations and I codify new materials. I think it’s enough, am I right?”

– Chiara Cattaneo | R&D Department