Human Resources / Giacomo Petrò I July 2017

The Sales Network is surely the “heart and soul” of LAV. EL. Rubber. In this newsletter we have the pleasure to introduce one of our Key Accounts.
“My commitment on the commercial front, since working for work LAV.EL., has been to focus on the objective of extending the foreign market. It is easier said than done. You need strong determination, targeted investments, change of business module, together with new strategies and an open mind toward foreign economic cultures. LAV.EL Gomma is internationally oriented and very much willing to do business abroad, with the full support of our Board of Directors in investing in new technologies and professionals. Last but not least, it is in LAV.EL. policy to deal directly with OEM skipping intermediaries: this has always been one of our main strengths”.

– Giacomo Petrò | Sales Manager