More Numbers

Officially communicating the end of restructuring is now only a case of formalities. After a year-and-a-half of work, only a few minor details are holding us back from shouting out to all corners that our premises extension is complete! 

Production has not ceased during the restructuring process, and now the company has a new layout, with our production departments and offices expanded not only in terms of space but also in technological innovation. We now have more power to fulfil clients’ requests.

After 50 years’ experience, gained with daring and pride, LAV.EL continues to raise its numbers: a 130 hour working week, 60 certifications, 7 million pieces produced per day, 150 employees, 1.9 billion pieces of which 100% undergo quality checks, 40 machines constantly functioning, 50% increase in production capacity; all this currently happening in 10,000 square meters.

Trusting that we’ve raised your interest and curiosity, we’d like to welcome you soon to visit our renovated premises.