LAV.EL. Gomma has added a new IMG GUM H/3 injection moulding machine to its fleet of machines.

IMG is a dynamic, industry-leading company specialising in the manufacture of injection moulding machines for rubber and plastics.

The GUM series identifies the horizontal IMG elastomer presses with hydroblock clamping device with four struts and high pressure cylinder. The moving platen is free, guided on the base with recirculating ball guides and automatic greaser. The reaction head and the cutter-cylinder supports are guided with recirculating ball guides. It is equipped with “free” moving platen columns and square heating plates with bevel, with relative insulating plates. Injection unit with FI-FO system (plasticizing screw incorporated in the injection punch). The hydraulic system is of latest generation with a servomotor on the inverter-driven pump that guarantees significant energy savings, as well as effective closed loop control.

This significant technological investment is one of the many new developments that we will continue to tell you about in 2021.