New Solutions & Updates | February 2017

We like 17 as a number!
“ at the end of January the 17th sorting machine arrived, a Matlix by UTP Vision. An optical machine for dimensional and surface control, in order to check the surface of the piece and identify eventual important defects, like cuts, flash, not complete pieces, double moulded parts, concentricity ecc. One of the most interesting part is the loading group, that take the pieces to be checked on the conveyor belt, where a signalman transfers pieces on a rotating table. Thanks to this integrated packaging system, we’ll speed up even more our packaging process.”

Gianpaolo Zani | Manager Of Sorting Department

A new oven.
“Yes, we really wanted it! It’s an oven by For Lab Italia, studied for the post-curing treatment. You can handle each kind of materials. Gaskets are poured inside it through a rotating stainless steel pierced basket. It will then be put in constant rotation and hit by warm air flows. For our customers, we pop out the best.
– Romualdo Bellini | Manager Of Finishing Department