“Share the Lavel” introduce the LAVEL GROUP project.

…the project with customers and suppliers

The payoff “Share the Lavel” was created to introduce the LAVEL GROUP project. The project of creating a group has been in the plans for months, but it is in the second part of this year that it has become a reality – a group was created to bring together all the brands born or acquired by LAV.EL.Gomma.

Since 1973, we have come a long way, always catering to the needs of the market and acting upon feedback from customers and suppliers.

Our know-how continues to grow and improve, ensuring the quality expected by our stakeholders. We are proud and thrilled to share the birth of our new Group with you.

We specifically chose the word “Share” to embody the spirit of collaboration and to convey our commitment and promise to you all. It is a promise to continuously strive for improvement and uphold our high standards consistently.

We aim to share the rich history and value of the three brands that now comprise our group: LAV.EL.Gomma, SGM, and LAVELAST®.

And we want to share the love that we have poured into each gasket for the past 50 years, extending it to those who choose us every day.

Share the Lav, our symbol, the heart of lavelgomma.
Share the Lav, all you need.

Find out all the details, https://www.lavelgroup.com/en/share-the-lavel/