LAV.EL. Gomma is proud to announce the birth of the new voice of our company, our mascot Teo!

We called him Teo because it is the merging of the names of our two founders: Roberto and Matteo. Teo will not only be a mascot but also the narrating voice of the company, a new face for the company, to make it even more recognisable.
You can find him on our social channels at all times. Always available to chat with you and answer your questions and share interesting news and content.
TEO was created to bring new added value to our Brand, to improve relationships with our audience, and with our employees as well. TEO is also the protagonist of the warnings that we place in our divisions to inform our staff about new safety measures.
We are confident that this new family member will have a positive impact. We hope that interacting with Teo is effective, engaging, and fun, making communication between the company, clients and staff easier.

Speak to Teo!