…about hydrogen.

…about hydrogen, they are at 22!

LAVE.EL. Gomma acknowledges the importance of reducing CO2 emissions and understands the impact this has on the market, the planet, and people.

The business world is also moving in this direction by promoting the use of hydrogen in various applications.

We are committed to staying up-to-date with social and market developments, and we demonstrate this through our actions. To this end, we have partnered with the German certifying body DVGW to conduct tests on the permeability of materials that are currently certified for gas applications (EN549).

The test has been carried out according to DVGW specification ZP 5101. Material plates are placed in a chamber containing pure hydrogen at room temperature, with the aim of measuring the amount of hydrogen that permeates through the compound.

It is likely that this new test will become an optional requirement under the EN549 legislation. Currently, the standard does not specify any acceptance limits, however we are proactively taking the lead. Based on our preliminary tests, he majority of the 22 materials tested have shown good performance when in contact with hydrogen.