Our recent participation in major industry events has given us the chance to launch new ideas, technologies, and innovative solutions. It was during the 2023 @hannovermesse that we announced the launch of LAVELAST.

 High-quality FFKM providing high thermal and chemical resistance for use in the most demanding sealing applications. Similar to PTFE, it is resistant to almost all chemicals.

 In addition to outstanding chemical resistance, LAVELAST® performs at high temperatures up to 320°C (608 F) and is resistant to high pressure. It has been developed to operate in extreme conditions at temperatures as low as -46 C (-51 F) and is resistant to uncontrolled decompression.

It has been developed to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry and plasma, thermal, and chemical/wet processes since it ensures minimal contamination from particles to metals, thus reducing yield losses and ensuring low chemical erosion rates. Last but not least, it guarantees extremely high purity with very low metal ion content and low extractable fractions.

 We are proud to offer this new and innovative material, which will have a significant impact in many industries.